Extreme Decluttering & Hoarding Remedial Service

Extreme hoarding is a serious and potentially debilitating mental disorder, as the amount of acquired clutter prohibits functionality in the home.

This means that the rooms within a home cannot be used for their intended purpose, as the excessive amounts of clutter have made living conditions impractical and unsanitary for the sufferer, dependents, and pets.

This can have far reaching effects for the sufferer; often leading to embarrassment and reclusion. Having guests into the home no longer becomes an option, the ability to physically move throughout the residence becomes obstructed and unsafe and sanitation and odour creates serious health risks.

The professional team at Urge to Purge Inc. will begin by educating the client and their loved ones in order to initiate the decluttering process. Once the decluttering process begins, Urge to Purge Inc. will support the client in their decisions and create a trusting relationship between them and our team.

We will ensure that the client understands that nothing, except for obvious garbage will be discarded without their consent. Our caring and trained staff provide expert service and support to countless individuals and families who have found themselves looking for a fresh start but just do not know where to begin. In many hoarding situations, there will be items of value and sentimental importance which need to be located, identified and saved.

Our caring and patient technicians provide intense attention to detail so that we can confidently guarantee that all items and personal effects in the home will be handled according to our clients’ wishes. After the decluttering process is completed Urge to Purge Inc. will work diligently with the client to organize and label their remaining belongings and donate gently used items from our warehouse to replace those that have been discarded due to contamination.

Finally the home is cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to ensure that environment is left safe and functional for the client to have a fresh start towards living the simple life.

When it comes to hoarding, we're the experts.