Decluttering Tips...

Some helpful pointers from the industry experts...

Decluttering Services

Let us help you to reclaim your space, at your own pace. You either keep, donate or recycle your contents with our consultation and expert help.

Those items that are left remaining are organised and arranged to create a fully functional living or working space. 

Estate Appraisal Experts

As of 2015, Estate Content Appraisal is required for all possessions of the deceased. Our comprehensive 4 step process conforms to all federal and provincial requirements.

1. All items are documented and photographed
2. Realistic market value is assigned using independent local experts
3. Personal documents are located & stored 4. Estate cleared & deep cleaned

We can apply for an 'Estate Clearance Certificate' essential for tax purposes of the deceased. 

Our experienced property maintenance team prepare the home for sale or use.

Downsize & Relocation

Our end to end service covering all aspects of a clients move including;

- Decluttering
- Careful Packing
- Deep Cleaning & Staging
- Relocation
- Unpacking & Setup

Assisted living concepts, moving timetables and stage moving are all additional services provided to eliminate the stress of a one-day project. 

Licensed Pest Control

Our team provides 24/7, rapid, discreet and professional service. Unlike other pest control companies, our team can;

- Provide FULL and extensive property inspection prior to treatment
- Responsibly dispose of all contaminated  items that remain unwanted
- Arrange furniture for maximum exposure during extensive decontamination process
- Deep clean & disinfect the treated area after treatment completion

Wash & Fold Service

Our team can clean even the most worn and soiled or contaminated items, we're not your ordinary wash and fold service. We charge per load, not by weight, to save you money in the long run!

Pick up and drop off available through the Niagara region. Minimum amount of 20 lodes.