Reviews & Testimonials

Blair Duckworth

My mother-in-law died of COVID in April. She was a hoarder of the highest order . From Toronto, I knew no one in Niagara on the Lake who could help. A friend alerted me to Thomas Kerswell at URGE TO PURGE and I employed his services to clean out this gigantic Bungalow. To say he was a professional would be an understatement. He did a thorough job and the house was sparkling. His crew was efficient and friendly. He delivered EXACTLY what we asked for. Toronto or not , if I'm ever in need of the services again , I will be calling Thomas again. I give URGE TO PURGE my highest recommendation.

Jenifer Ann

This company was a complete God send to me and my sister in a time where we felt overwhelmed, emotional and at a loss for how to proceed with the task at hand. I called Lynn on Monday, met her on Tuesday and they started work on Wednesday.

This company’s kindness and compassion was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I will never be able to thank them enough for their commitment to me and my family. As far as the actual end-result of their work – 10 out of 10 would recommend them.

They were professional, thorough and incredibly respectful. They were up front about costs, kept us up to date on services rendered and there were absolutely no surprises/hidden fees at the end of their billing. Their prices are beyond fair for the exceptional quality of their work.

Maggie Brenchley

Urge to Purge!!! What an absolute amazing business. The saying is Jack of all Trades...

That is exactly what they offer!!!

I needed help within a budget and they were there spot on to help.

Lynn and her team did more than pay it forward.

I highly recommend this company to fulfill whatever the job is.

I am eternally grateful for their kindness and compassion.

Thank you

Paul Saxton

Urge to Purge are the best company to use. The compassion from Lynn is second to none. All the guys are amazing to deal with. We use them for every job and it works out perfect every time. Very highly recommend.

Blake Lukacs

What an excellent company! Friendly, efficient, hardworking and worth every single penny! Do not hesitate on giving these guys a call you will not regret it. Thanks again for everything!!!

Avery Woodard

Easy to work with and very understanding!

Mark Bould

Mark and his team are hands down the best in this business. Their customers always come first and Mark will personally do what ever it takes to make sure their needs and expectations are met. I would highly recommend Urge to Purge to anyone.

Lisa Laramee

When i called for information i was in distress due to a recent fire above my apartment. The lady who answered my call was able to reassure me help was on the way. Within 15 mins they had 4men out to assess the situation! 2 days later they came and treated me & my belongings with much respect & care. I highly recommend using this service for any kind of help they provide. They certainly helped me get through this & it was worth every dollar. Thank you to the men who were here to help me & the lady I spoke to. Much Respect, Lisa. L

Jessica Turner

My friend found Urge to Purge on the internet. I called up spoke with an extremely kind woman, she sounded professional and I needed my cluttered home done ASAP , I cannot tell you how satisfied I was with the whole crew from start to finish and I'm lucky and thankful they made my already difficult situation a lot better than I thought , thank you guys!!!

Diana Demers

I have had them help me pack and move twice. Once without that much notice. They were all professional, very helpful and friendly. They did a great job. I couldn't ask for better. They worked very hard. They also cleared out my mother's house and that was a huge job. I don't know what I'd of done without them. They were very careful with everything. 100% speaks for itself!

Pete Pizzati

Incredible staff and service. Couldn't have asked for better. Totally exceeded my expectations!!!

Karen Wallace

Fantastic service, caring and empathetic staff that go the extra mile to accommodate your every need! Highly recommend!!!

Mark & Cindy Dzugan

Just a short note to tell you about our experience with Urge To Purge. My father-in-law passed away recently and we were tasked with dealing with the family home. As a family we discussed how we were going to deal with this monumental task and what role each of us were going to play. As we were getting into it I quickly realized that this job was going to take us forever to complete.

I suggested that we contact Urge To Purge in Welland and explore what services they had to offer and at what cost. I contacted the company and had a fantastic conversation with Lynn and after that she put me in contact with another staff member named Tom. We met at the house and Tom asked me what I needed to get done. He went through all of the information with me and also the cost of the job. I have been involved in many projects throughout my life but, none went as seamlessly as this one.

The day of the job everyone arrived on time, and even the garbage bin arrived on time. The crew began to empty out the home and that’s when I realized that this job was going to be much more work than I thought in the beginning. By mid afternoon the home and the garage were completely empty. They looked after any items that were to be donated, the bin that they ordered was the exact size that was required for the day and all stray debris was removed from the property. The cleaning crew arrived on time and left the house spotless. The bin was removed that afternoon and by four o'clock the work was all completed and everyone was gone.

To say that we were impressed with Urge To Purge would be the understatement of a life time. They were worth twice the money!!!. I would have no issue with recommending Urge To Purge to anyone that I know. I am confident that, no matter the scope of any project, it will be handled with professionalism, curtesy and satisfaction for the customer. I'm glad we contacted Urge To Purge and so will you. You're peace of mind is only a call away.

Thank You All…

Mark & Cindy Dzugan

Lucy Martin

Hello to everyone! I cannot believe it has been a year since having your company come into my home and help me do me what I thought was impossible. It was so hard just to make the decision to call and admit my need for your services, and even harder still to have strangers come into my home and see the damage I had caused by hoarding. It had gotten to the point where I was staying with relatives to have a clean environment, or sleeping on my couch in the corner when I couldn't find a place to go. I was suffering from many medical issues that were made worse by my environment, both physical and mental health issues. No one was aware of my living conditions, and I had had no one in my house for at least 8 years. The thought of anyone finding out how I lived was constant and I would panic if anyone knocked on the door. My biggest fear was if I needed emergency services to visit, that they would not be able to enter the home to help me. Your crew immediately helped ease my anxiety and quickly got to work. Everyone was kind and supportive and the only thing I could do was to let go of everything that I had been holding on to and realize that the items were just holding me back from life. The difference you made in my home was transformative in so many ways. I had space to live, space to decorate, and space to just feel at home. I was so happy at the end of the day. All the feelings of guilt and shame were washed down the sink with the dirty water. The care everyone took with my things was amazing. I ended up getting rid of even more over the following days. I now have use of my entire home and feel safe and comfortable every time I enter the door. I have bought new furniture, have proper medical equipment, and no longer fear someone stopping by unannounced. Unfortunately, I had a flood from burst pipes, but if the house wasn't cleaned, I don't know if I would have noticed in time to prevent damage. Workers could come and go to do repairs without having to climb over things. I am grateful for all of you and the work that you do. Sincerely, Lucy